buey Crustacean large, the family of crabs and considered a delicacy. A single copy of up to 5 Kilos of weight.




centolla From thick, rounded shell with its protuberances, the crab (or spider crab) lives in sandy funds. Their chances grastronómicas have no limits.




nécorathe Necores is a mollusk that are traditionally grown in Galicia in preparation bateas.La most often steamed in pot with water from the sea and bay, although there are many kinds of preparation



Sea bream

besugo The sea bream is a highly prized fish, white meat and delicate, very listed on the market and easy to distinguish from other similar species by a black mark that appears at the top of the fins chest.



bonitodelnorte Albacore, which belongs to the family of tuna, is one of the most tasty fish of the season, but not all varieties have the same nutritional richness. The species most appreciated by diners and Gourmets is albacore.



cabrarocaThe cabraroca, also known by other names such as scorpion fish, red rascacio or cabracho. This rock fish, meat semifatty has a very popular because of its flavor and texture. It feeds on crustaceans, molluscs and other fish.