Sea bream

besugo The sea bream is a highly prized fish, white meat and delicate, very listed on the market and easy to distinguish from other similar species by a black mark that appears at the top of the fins chest.




bonitodelnorte Albacore, which belongs to the family of tuna, is one of the most tasty fish of the season, but not all varieties have the same nutritional richness. The species most appreciated by diners and Gourmets is albacore.




cabrarocaThe cabraroca, also known by other names such as scorpion fish, red rascacio or cabracho. This rock fish, meat semifatty has a very popular because of its flavor and texture. It feeds on crustaceans, molluscs and other fish.




calamarThe squid is a cephalopod that has a big head and a body in the form of pods, with two side fins. Around the mouth there are eight tentacles with suction cups and two contractile.




chipironThe Squid how many banks that travel great distances and make frequent trips into vertical, sometimes to large profundidades.Su food consists of fish, crustaceans and invertebrates.



monkfish tail

coladerapeThis is a white fish containing high biological value protein and fat content is very low, so it can be considered a lean fish.




rapeThe rape has a big head and slightly flattened on the size of the body as a whole, with a big mouth and a huge eyes. He has a cartilage and has no dorsal spines.



Rape black

rapenegroIt has a tremendously tasty meat, compact, with a delicious flavor that might remind many Shellfish. Not surprisingly, it is now one of the fish most 'famous' in our kitchen.




galloThe rooster is a fish also known by the name of lliseria or cock of the North. He belongs to the family of flatfish, whose species are characterized by having their eyes on the left side of his body.



roe hake

huevasmerluzaThere is a large number of species, but the common European hake is the one with the most exquisite meat. In fact, it has always been one of the fish favored by consumers.





lenguado The sole is a white fish, so flat and water salada.Habita funds covered in sand or mud, leaving only the bare ojos.Viven at half depth and is listed as one of the fish of good quality.




jurel The horse mackerel also known as Scribe, black horse, greaves or Chicharrillaes is a blue fish in salt water. It is a fish that regularly stop at our shores. The larger size usually found a few miles offshore.




lubinaalso known as bass. It is a white fish, flat and salt water. Dwell on the shores of rocky sand, river mouths, ports, docks, sea walls and pantalanes. It approaches the coast in the months of heat.



Hake wheel

merluza volantaIt's one of the most commonly used fish in our kitchen. Hake common is slender, his head is large like the mouth, which is equipped with very sharp teeth, long body is covered with small scales.



Hake hook

merluza anzuelohake call from the skewer or the hook. The truth is that this is the best, because the fishing gear with which they capture-the-line is more respectful of the fish itself.



Hake trawl coastal

merluza arrastre litoralThis small crustacean is located in areas of up to 10 meters deep, preferably in funds with algae or algae-covered rocks.



San martiño

sanmartiñoalso known as San Pedro or Gallopedro.Es semifatty a fish and salt water. Inhabits both in funds and in meadows underwater rocks and sand funds, which can sometimes buried.



Red mullet

salmoneteThe mullet is a fish semifatty and saltwater. The Mullet, as its name suggests, is in funds of sand and mud, while the red mullet is in funds of rock.




sargoThe Sarge is a blue fish and salt water. They usually live near the coast between rocks and sand in the fund. Habita from less than one meter in depth to more than fifty.




rodaballoThe turbot is a marine fish that live in shallow water and rarely below 150 m. resting on sandy funds or shells. Its color, gray-brown veining, it changes depending on the color of their environment.



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