buey Crustacean large, the family of crabs and considered a delicacy. A single copy of up to 5 Kilos of weight.




centolla From thick, rounded shell with its protuberances, the crab (or spider crab) lives in sandy funds. Their chances grastronómicas have no limits.




nécorathe Necores is a mollusk that are traditionally grown in Galicia in preparation bateas.La most often steamed in pot with water from the sea and bay, although there are many kinds of preparation




lubriganteAlso known as lobster. Decapod crustacean body robust. Cooked and served with various sauces, is the most common form of preparation. Rice is also a very typical dish delicious.




lubriganteIt is a crustacean found in the North Atlantic Ocean, but also fishing in the Mediterranean Sea and the North African coast. Mostly prepared cooked.





almeja The clam is a bivalve mollusk that lives in saltwater. This mollusk lives buried in the sand about 5-30 cm below the surface of sandy or muddy funds, which excavates and hides.



navaja The navaja is a marine bivalve mollusk large their shells measure up to 20 cm. long. These are elongated and slightly curved, its surface is very smooth and show a yellow spotted reddish purple or brown.



mejillónMussels are mollusks that live attached to rocks to which are attached by means of his foot. Are in the tidal zone or below it, but sites in depth.




mejillónThis crustacean, which is often simply cooked and taste with salt, is not only highly nutritious because of its high mineral content, but also has an intense flavor that delights the most demanding.



Sea urchins

erizosOccur throughout the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. They live in shallow water, on reefs or in sandy soils rich in algae. The most popular preparations are scrambled or gratinated.



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